EKG Fundamentals Curriculum

EKG Fundamentals is a year long curriculum intended to review essential skills for EKG interpretation and critical “can’t miss” EKG diagnosis and management.   Concise reviews of core principles will be followed by related “Challenge EKGs”.  This course also uses a flipped classroom approach, in which learners are expected to review core and challenge EKG content prior to each Foundations Meeting.  Each challenge EKG will have embedded links to high-yield FOAMed resources for independent study on specific topics.  This will be paired with a 5-10 minute review of challenge EKG interpretation and management, usually at the beginning of each Foundations Meeting.

If your site adopts EKG Fundamentals along with Foundations, you should use this page to access your assigned Challenge EKGs.  Your Foundations Site Director or another member of your program leadership will provide you with EKG Answers according to your specific site schedule.  If your site does not adopt EKG Fundamentals but you’d like to follow along on your own, contact the Fundamentals Course Director [Bill Burns] to be added to an email list for weekly EKG Answers.

SessionChallenge EKG #
1How to Read an EKG (Core 1)
2Approach to Ischemia (Core 2)
3Challenge EKG 1
4Challenge EKG 2
5Challenge EKG 3
6Challenge EKG 4
7Challenge EKG 5
8Challenge EKG 6
9Approach to Syncope (Core 3)
10Challenge EKG 7
11Challenge EKG 8
12Challenge EKG 9
13Challenge EKG 10
14Challenge EKG 11
15Approach to Bradyarrhythmias (Core 4)
16Challenge EKG 12
17Approach to Tachydysrhythmias (Core 5)
18Challenge EKG 13
19Challenge EKG 14
20Challenge EKG 15
21Challenge EKG 16
22Challenge EKG 17
23Challenge EKG 18
24Challenge EKG 19
25Challenge EKG 20