Learner In-Training Exam Review Resources

Comprehensive Board Review (CBR)

The Foundations Comprehensive Board Review eBook is intended to provide a high-yield, systems-based approach to studying for the resident In-Training Exam (ITE) and ABEM Written Board Exam after residency graduation.  This review is divided by system with the highest yield (highest % on the test) first and the lower yield content topics towards the end.  This resource can be used for independent study or may be reviewed in a classroom setting based on your site leader’s preferences.  For a more user-friendly and interactive approach, consider following instructions for flashcard review noted below.

Flashcard Review using Quizlet
– Visit https://quizlet.com and/or download the Quizlet app for Apple or Android
– Create a free account
– Use this auto join link or search for GrabowMooreMD to find the FoEM Comprehensive Board Review Classroom and access systems-based question sets.
– After clicking on a set, select “Flashcards”
– Enjoy! (kinda)