Foundations Frameworks

Frameworks, a supplementary curriculum for Foundations of Emergency Medicine, focuses on teaching organized approaches to common clinical entities. The Frameworks curriculum aims to equip emergency medicine residents with cognitive scaffolding to efficiently work up and care for undifferentiated patients (eg “Approach to AMS”, “Approach to Stroke”, “Approach to Syncope”, etc). These may be used in the classroom setting and/or for on-shift teaching as a simple visual resource to provide resident learners with cognitive approaches to complex patient complaints. A detailed instructor guide will be provided for each Framework to assist the faculty instructor and support resident teaching.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, there will be a Framework paired with each unit of the Foundations I curriculum. This content will expand to include Foundations II over the coming 12 months, although suggested Frameworks for F2 units are included in the Learner and Leader Course Schedules.